Duty Free Markets & Clients We Serve

With ALFA Brands, your products have access to all North American Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets.

If you are traveling internationally, you may buy items without having to pay either the sales taxes or the customs duties assessed by the Government – primarily on liquor and tobacco but also on many other products.

The savings from "tax and duty free" shopping can be significant. “Duty Free” means that no excise duty is applicable and as such payable to the Government  on the relevant items purchased.


An international traveler can purchase during their flight from a broad selection of affordable high quality products and they are exempt from paying taxes and customs duties on various commodities.

The government doesn't levy duties and taxes on purchases because the products are intended for consumption or use outside the country.

Airport Shops

International travelers may shop at the Duty Free Stores at International airports if they are leaving the country (usually for more than 48 hours) and take the tax and duty free items with them into another country.

Canadian & Mexican Borders

Consumers may purchase at the Duty Free Stores on the border, tax and duty free when crossing the border.

Tax and duty free items are for "export only" and must be taken out of the country where purchased.

Cruise Ships

Large cruise ships have an array of boutiques that offer luxury watches, fine jewelry, handbags, famous beauty and fragrance products, liquor, tobacco and confectionery.

Shopping onboard is tax and duty free.

Diplomatic Agencies

Embassies, consular officers, foreign missions and diplomats, and staff members receive tax exemption privileges through the Diplomatic Tax Exemption Program, which provides tax and duty exemptions to eligible foreign officials on assignment in a foreign country.

Ship Chandlers

A ship chandler specializes in supplying, tax and duty free, a countless range of products which may include food & beverage, HBC, snacks, tobacco, confectionery, and above-deck supplies.

The Chandler provides a high level of service in a very short amount of time.

ALFA Brands can be your agent in the Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets.