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The ALFA Brands team is your leverage into the Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets.

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We simplify the process of getting in the Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets.

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With ALFA Brands, your company benefits from our extensive experience and success in world-wide Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets.

Your Success is Our Success.

Since 1993, ALFA Brands has been representing international manufacturers and distributors in the Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets, building a well-respected reputation, particularly within North America. 

We have significant expertise in the launching of new products into Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets including: Airlines, Airport Shops, Cruise Ships, Canadian & Mexican Borders, Diplomatic Agencies and Shiphandlers. 

We truly believe your products are our brands – we measure our success by your success. 

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Our Brands

ALFA Brands is the exclusive Duty Free / Travel Retail Agent for:

  • Ashton, ALFA Brands, Duty Free RetailAshton Cigars
  • Marie BrizardMarie Brizard Anisette
  • Hardy Cognac, ALFA Brands, Duty Free RetailHardy Cognac Legend
  • Pillitteri Estates Winery, ALFA Brands, Duty Free RetailPillitteri's Canadian Flower Icewine
  • Colio Estate Wines, ALFA Brands, Duty Free RetailLily Sparkling
  • GNO LogoGNO Strawberry Samba
  • Vineland Estates Winery, ALFA Brands, Duty Free Retail
  • Wine Makers ImportsWinemakers Imports
  • Newby Tea LogoMatthew Williams, Newby Tea
  • CHAMPSChamps Crossover Bags
  • Nishi Pearls Logo
  • beblue logoBeblue
  • Pez Candy, ALFA Brands, Duty Free RetailPEZ Minions Dispenser
  • King Henry's Current LogoKing Henry's Private Reserve
  • Pretzel Pete Pretzels, ALFA Brands, Duty Free RetailPretzel Pete Nuggets
  • Werner LogoWerner Cranberry Mix
  • Cloudz LogoCloudz DisplayCloudz PPE
  • SNI Logo

Interested in placing your products in the Duty Free  / Travel Retail Markets?

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ALFA Brands can be your agent in the Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets.