ALFA Brands Inc.

With over 70 years of collective experience in Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets, ALFA Brands is the company that manufacturers and distributors trust to place their products.

ALFA Brands was established in 1993 with the purpose of representing manufacturers and distributors from around the world, in the Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets, focusing primarily but not exclusively on North America.

  • A strong commitment and dedication to future growth, a comprehensive portfolio of product categories, and key contacts throughout the marketplace, are the foundations of what ALFA Brands offers to companies selected for representation.
    - Franco Gabriele, ALFA Brands Founder and President

ALFA Brands has extensive expertise in Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets, particularly in the introduction of new products. ALFA Brands` founder, also one of the founding fathers of the FDFA, has been in the industry since 1985.

The History of ALFA Brands Inc.

ALFA Brands' founder, Franco Gabriele, also a founding father of the FDFA, has been in the industry since 1985.

In 1993 Franco formed ALFA Brands to fill the void, recognized by those manufacturers absent from the Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets, due to their lack of an internal trained sales force dedicated to Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets.

Manufacturers who are constrained and reluctant, to assign or relinquishing control over pricing and distribution of their products to a re-seller, are compelled to ignore the Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets opportunities, and in looking for a viable alternative, they find that ALFA Brands’ agency is a suitable option.

To assist in filling the void, ALFA Brands provides to those companies, eager and committed to participate long term, an alternative and acceptable solution by handling: sales, marketing, administration, merchandising, field sales calls, and trade-show representation.

This allows suppliers to invoice and ship directly to ALFA Brands’ customers, maintain control over pricing, promotions, budgets and marketing plans, thus eliminating the risk of parallel sales or deviation from company policies.

ALFA Brands started as the exclusive agent for one product, and as the portfolio grew to a larger number of categories, it committed itself to focus primarily on the Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets in North America (U.S.A., Canada and the Caribbean).

ALFA Brands now represent several premier companies – most of them new in Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets nevertheless leaders within their respective industry.

ALFA Brands’ clients include duty-free operators on the Canadian and Mexican borders; airports; airlines; diplomatic supply services to embassies, consulates and the United Nations; suppliers to cruise ships and the Caribbean, and ship-chandelling distributors to commercial and fishing vessels.

As an active member of both associations, ALFA Brands participates in both shows every year, as these events are the best opportunities to meet with existing and new customers, and most importantly introduce line extensions as well as launch new products.  

ALFA Brands believes that Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets are the ideal vehicle for any company that wishes to get additional exposure for their products on a national and international basis.

ALFA Brands can be your agent in the Duty Free / Travel Retail Markets.