ALFA Brands partners with Prescribed Spirits Craft Gin!

Posted Oct 22nd, 2019 in New Products and Line Extensions

ALFA Brands partners with Prescribed Spirits Craft Gin!

ALFA Brands is pleased to announce a new partnership with Prescribed Spirits, a company with craft gin that started in 2015 in Miami, Florida.

Prescribed Spirits’ features an American Dry Gin and a Barrel Finished Gin, which are produced with the highest level of ingredients in small batches, using a 250-gallon pot still.

Prescribed Spirits’ American Gin is a light, soft and subtle gin distilled with five hand blended botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Cardamom, Orange peel and Pink Peppercorns. The American Gin is great for classic martinis as well as all gin cocktails or on its own. This gin is light on the nose with hints of juniper and citrus as a classic London dry would be. The flavor starts with light juniper notes followed by coriander, cardamom and orange with a nice hint of spice on the back, from the pink peppercorns.

Using the same unique recipe as the American Gin, Prescribed Spirits’ Barrel Finished Gin is finished in brand new American Oak barrels, which allows the gin to blend with the oak and absorb the flavors of an aged spirit. Barrel Finished Gin, while aging, takes on vanilla and oak notes with a touch of spice, which gives it a very dry finish.

“Prescribed Spirits is excited to announce our partnership with ALFA Brands and we look forward to growing our boutique gin brand in the duty-free marketplace.” — Allen Fazendin, Founder, Prescribed Spirits

“We are excited to add the first craft spirits to our portfolio and we are looking forward to introducing Prescribed Spirits’ gin to our American customers.” — Amy Hildreth, Operations Manager, ALFA Brands



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