Icewine harvest has begun in Ontario, Canada!

Posted Jan 8th, 2016 in News and Updates

Although we all have been enjoying the mild temperatures, our Canadian Niagara wineries were anxiously awaiting a visit from Jack Frost.  

On January 5th the visitor arrived in Niagara and they were finally able to start their Icewine harvest.  

When temperatures have reached -8*C or colder the harvest of Icewine grapes begins.

When pressed, these naturally frozen grapes yield a juice with an intense concentration of sugars, acids, flavours and aromas.

The yield of Icewine is much lower than most table wines requiring ten times more grapes per bottle. The resulting wine is high in natural sugar, low in alcohol, has an amazing acidity level, and is intensely sweet and flavourful. 

Icewine  is one of the most  challenging and difficult wines to make due to the extreme weather for harvest.

CHCH News visited Pillitteri Estate Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake and Grape King Jamie Slingerland this week.  

Please watch the video of the first Icewine harvest this year.

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