BeanBoozled Line Expands with New Gifts

Posted Aug 30th, 2016 in New Products and Line Extensions

BeanBoozled Line Expands with New Gifts

Engineered for entertainment, the BeanBoozled Bouncing Bean Machine and BeanBoozled Spinner Gift Tin offer new ways to play!  These fantastic gift items will be available this fall in time for holiday sales.

A spin of the Bean Machine crank sends jelly beans tumbling down the enclosed front of the machine, bouncing off of spinning jelly bean-shaped pegs as they drop into a small tray below.  The Bean Machine includes two 1.9-oz. Grab & Go® bags, and ships in 6-ct. cases. 

The new Spinner Gift Tin is filled with 3.36 oz. of BeanBoozled mix in pyramid bags.  A clever spin wheel at the top of the tin is sure to make this a hot item for the upcoming holidays.  Shipping in 8-ct. cases. 

Don't forget the amazing upsell potential with the new 5.5-oz. Pouch Bag, shipping in 12-ct. cases and available this fall! 

Merchandise the Bean Machine and Spinner Gift Tin side by side with the new Pouch Bag as a refill option. 


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